Application Area

Car Parking Shades

Inexpensive way to decorate the outdoor space: A giant umbrella is a very cost effective way to adorn your garden or backyard. Just imagine. Perhaps you have satisfying patio or garden or backyard with nice garden chair sets and other

Swimming Pool Cover

Get a perfect swimming pool cover: The presence of a swimming pool surely enhances the value and beauty of the house. If you have a lovely pool in your home, you can use it as a very attractive source of

Application Area - Schools

Children always wish to be outside: AwningSheds professionally serves their high grade service to the various important fields in the society. School is one of such significant application area of us to reach our products. Canopies are the very common

Rooftop Shades

Your roof protection from all types of weather: Rooftop shades do not mean to provide the protection of your roof from sun but it protects the roof along with any exterior parts of your house. Besides, shielding the sunray, this

Walkway Canopies

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Entrance Canopy

Enhance the beauty of your home: People are very much intended to protect their residential and commercial building from entrance. The main entrance is quite essential part of the building to increase the beautification. This concept is truly ancient and

Application Area - Restaurant

Canopy for restaurants is a great experience for foodies: Restaurant business is a trendy business in modern concept. If you have some spaces external part of your building, you can start it easily. Certainly it depends on your love to

Canopies for Toll Plaza

Perfect solution for rapid highway development: India is a developing country and the high speed developments on highways and expressways have been experiencing in modern time. Toll plazas are the common place on high road while long driving. Every traveler

Canopies for Petrol Station

Amazing creation for modern petrol station: Earlier petrol stations were used to fill petrol or diesel for the vehicles. Various people including travelers, passengers, and drivers etc used to come this place for their petroleum refilling. But this concept has

Application Area - Hotel and Resort

Use colorful canopy for resorts: Canopy, awnings and gazebo all are the terms to provide shade and shelter simultaneously. In resorts and hotels this construction is used as essential outdoor item. We all know that resorts are the perfect place

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