PVC Coated Fabrics

Amazing PVC coated fabrics for ravishing look:

Awnings are the coverings mounted to the outward walls of the house to facilitate covering the total area. These awnings are made with distinctive materials. AwningSheds is an eminent awning manufacturing unit for fabricating several types of these items glamorously. A gamut collection of fabrics makes us proud and delighted for presenting to our customers. The main intention of this product is for protection against the rough weather. Our specialists are quite competent to judge the requirements of consumers. The use of fabrics on awning depends on the basis of necessity.


Structural basis of PVC coating:

As a front-line awnings manufacturer in Kolkata, we use acrylic cloth in awning solutions. This abbreviated form of PVC is termed as Polyvinyl Chloride. This PVC coating is well utilized by the experienced workers of AwningSheds to give a beautiful and attractive touch over it. After huge applications of Polyethylene and Polypropylene, PVC achieves the third most position in constructional world. Our talented artisans know the effects of PVC coat on awning, so they prefer to install such kind of fabrics instead of traditional materials like iron, copper, wood in constructional applications.


Applications of PVC coating in awnings:

Awnings made with the variety of PVC coated fabrics come in all sizes and shapes. The spectrum of color is a vital point for awning fabrication. This PVC coat offers alluring range of colors to enhance the smartness of the space decorated by fabrics awning structure. AwningSheds puts to use of it color finishes for getting charming effect on the new building. The thickness of this sheet comes with myriads of varieties. This PVC sheet provides enough protection by combating the violent weather. The room becomes cooler due to the presence of awnings made with PVC coating. It is also true that a specialist must know the exact position of pitching this attachment to give the room cooling effect. AwningSheds has achieved this knowledge through huge research works that particularly this polyvinyl coating has the power to absorb heat of sun and store the heat.

The PVC coated fabrics have a natural shine and attracting feature. AwningSheds applies these fabrics for business advertisements tactfully. The awesome texts and digital graphics on these PVC coated fabrics easily fascinate the mass with full of curiosity. The brightness of these fabrics is the unique and unbelievable beauty.

The fabrics of awning can be useful for backlit or front lit. Our specialists have the ability to differentiate the application of backlit and front lit in awning fixation. They always like using these fabrics of vinyl lamination behind the actual structure. The expert workers use mesh of PVC coating, resin coated polyester, acrylic, painted polyester acrylic etc for striking effects for front lit.

Mildew, bird dropping, fog, rain, sunlight all these are the cause of discoloration of fabrics. But this coating has really long lasting feature to avoid fading. Rather it provides easy washing facility to remove daily bird dropping and dusts. The representative of AwningSheds can take the initiative to maintain this structure on a yearly basis. Otherwise, mild detergent and soft brush can give the utmost cleaning to keep the awning always in dazzling look.

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