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The ultimate guide of door awning:

Door awning is the safeguard roof-like covering above the door of the house. It is magnificently designed for enchanting the exterior decoration of the architectural construction. Perfect shade and protection to the door can be got through it. The existence of it ensures the room temperature for keeping in balance and tolerable condition. Being a successful awnings manufacturer in Kolkata, AwningSheds is among the leading door awning supplier in India also.

The house appearance looks luxurious and classic by our expert touch in awning manufacturing. Quality designs and patterns are available in AwningSheds. We always try to help our clients for making their lifestyle extraordinary with this exterior structure. Their investment on this item is also valued to us highly. The range of door awning has the wide collection from the perspective of colors, patterns and styles. We prefer to develop this structure by exclusive quality materials for giving it long lasting durability.

It should be kept in mind that door awning is made for not only protecting the door from the harsh ray of sunlight and keep the place dry in the rainy season under it. But it surely adds beauty of the house from the very beginning.

This awning can be made from metal to fabrics and from custom manufactured materials also. Any materials of door awnings used by us give proper workability to become perfect outdoor living product. This exciting exterior item provides enjoyments of living glamorously and attractiveness to the visitors to create jealousy. On the other hand, the quality of energy efficiency makes it different from other constructional items.

Door awning is an excellent manufacturing product of AwningSheds which will perfectly protect the family, home, vehicles, pets and others from the dreadful heat of the sun and other natural calamities. Besides, the unlimited contribution on beatification can be ignored at any cost. There can be a variety of home improvement items in the market. But the concept of door awning is the contemporary product that truly increases value and creates first charming impression to the dream home. The UV exposure, heat and sun are strongly blocked by it when outsiders wait by pushing calling bell. The usefulness of it is identified quietly in the rainy season when heavy rain creates very problem on visitors.


Key features:

  Structural welded metal frames

  Reduce heat and glare

  Wide range of fabrics for choosing

  Increase social value

  Long term guarantee on fabrics

  Protect family and pets from UV exposure

  Safeguard for home décor from fading

This protection depends on materials like metal to fabric. It is, needless to say, that metal awning such as aluminum door awning is strong enough for blocking harmful ultraviolet ray than fabrics. As a whole everybody of the home are benefitted by this outdoor living product. The pets of the property owner feel very happy for getting cool shade to stay comfortably under it. Door awning can be a long lasting product if properly taken care of. It is better to take wise suggestion of the expert from AwningSheds to get suitable material according to the local climate.

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