Stationary Awnings

Stationary awning means fixed awning. Fixed awning does not have retractable option. AwningSheds, the exclusive awnings manufacturer in Kolkata, has all the options for providing stationary awning across India. AwningSheds always tries to deliver best quality stationery awning to customer, architect, interior designer and other retailers. Stationary awnings can be customized at any extent. It does not have any limitation at all. They are having MS structural division where the customized fixed awnings structure can be developed.

The stationary awnings can be of different shapes and sizes. It can be flat, can be dome shaped, it can have the bending in the upper sections; also can have the bending at both the sides, etc. So the shapes and sizes of the stationary awnings depend on the choice of the customers. But it should match with the building elevation. AwningSheds maintains the infrastructure in Kolkata to manufacture customize stationary awnings as per the requirement of the customer.

The stationary awning can serve both the option; it can protect the heat and UV rays; it can also increase the aesthetic beauty of the residence, can increase the front view of the restaurant, school and other establishment. The commercial establishment can utilize the front space without any obstruction in the ground. The stationary awning is usually designed in such a way so that the entire ground space can be utilized without any obstruction. Still it maintains the extraordinary look for the colorful fabric composition. AwningSheds always prefer to use the best quality awning fabric at their manufacturing unit in Kolkata to maintain the highest standard.

These stationary awnings can be used in patio or decks in residential places where it can enhance the aesthetic look of the house. This space can also be utilized irrespective of weather conditions. The dome shape stationary awning can be used at the top of the window. This is a permanent setup. It can reduce the heat and protect the rain also. The shape of the awning can be different. But that item can serve the same purpose.

AwningSheds is an exclusive manufacturing unit in Kolkata that gives the warranty to the customer. They provide 3 years warranty on the structure, 5 to 10 years on fabric depending on the quality.

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