Components of Awnings

Elements of awning help to make it strong and durable:

The materials used to manufacture an awning are called components. These components must be qualitative and improved to give the robust characteristic. AwningSheds manufacture our own products in our own factory. We also source these materials from the most reliable trustworthy vendors to get high quality materials for their manufacturing products. Through these raw components, the actual output comes with its best. The components are available in different sizes and shapes to us. We are the leading awnings manufacturer in Kolkataa use standard customizable elements of it for customer requirements and specifications.


Different components that make up the awnings:

As a front-line manufacturing and supplying unit of awning, AwninSheds manufactures a wide gamut of it. Various styles and patterns are made for accomplishing different functions. There are huge differences between residential and commercial awnings. This contrast depends on separate purposes, and components are based on that purposes. The essential components are

• Fabrics

• Frames

• Support arm systems

• Motors

• Remote control

• Manual override

• Wall mounted control panels

Except these parts, AwningSheds applies many optional components for the best result. This range is from

• Soffit mounts

• Protective hood

• Roof mounts

• Wind sensor control

Our super talented workers on behalf of AwningSheds use these above mentioned components for manufacturing the exciting exterior items. These parts help to fulfill all the desires and needs of the clients. Some of these parts are useful for beautification but mostly these are applied for making such outdoor living item strong and durable.


Separate role of each accessory:

The various accessories facilitate to mount it any exterior portions. We are very proud to make such the flexible items. The installers never face any trouble at the time of installing these products only for these attachments and parts. We strongly maintain the standard of each part of it. The support arm systems are covered with projections. These can be from 3 feet to 13 feet approximately according to need. AwningSheds also use die casting aluminum of high resistant for giving the ultimate protection.

AwningSheds applies distinctive fabrics for providing high class shading with vivid color sense. These fabrics varies from canvas to vinyl. Our representatives will perfectly guide you to choose exact fabrics according to your requirements. We strongly focus on poles of the awning to get powerful supports. The poles offered by us are completely water resistant and corrosion free because the devoted employees of AwningSheds know that poles are affected not only by sun but rain is also problematic for it. So these are made with rust free components. Various mounting brackets have the enormous contribution to make the awning structure lively and strong. These structures hold the entire fabrics hardly. The full protection from thunderstorm, heavy wind, and severe rain can be achieved by these robust structures.

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