Wooden Cottage

An awesome accommodation for your holiday trip:

Most of the Indians have the tendency to spend their holidays adventurously. In that case, they prefer wooden cottage for spending few days instead of concrete hotel building. But we rent hotels maximum cases due to lack of wooden cottage facility in the preferable in hotels. Nowadays, many hotels authority is expressing their wishes to construct this thrilling structure as a rent for their valuable customers. We are the renowned tent manufacturer in Kolkata now take order for constructing cottage by reliable woods.


Our Excellency:

If you stay once in the cottage made by us you never want to go back to live in hotels. Wooden cottage is the superb option to select for making your exotic holidays memorable and enchanting. We on behalf of AwningSheds do supervise the place of construction for giving a dramatic mood to the guests. Our professionals visit the locations from sandy beach to snowy hill region for wooden cottage. To make the locations more captivating, our unique creation is really handpicked selection for all. We make this accommodation so beautifully that an aesthetic charm will automatically enhanced in living. The skilled artisans of AwningSheds make not only the wooden dwellings but very much intended to decorate the surroundings. For that reason, various outdoors are adorned by ornamental fountains, false mountains, rocks, many statues etc. So due to quality service and some X-factors we are glamorously hired by the various kinds of hotels and resorts to find perfect retreat for their promising customers and guests.


Specialist to make variety of wooden cottage:

The experienced workers of AwningSheds are very talented to form many varieties of wooden cottage. With the blessing of God and technology, we are able to utilize the natural atmosphere of this particular location. From summer home to country side, our range of wide collection will surely guide the selectors to choose right kinds. We are specialist in styles of

  Beach wooden cottage

  Rustic wooden cottage

  Swedish wooden cottage


Beach wooden cottage:

The construction of beach wooden cottage varies from coast to coast. The natural and traditional woods are used for it. Though blue, green and sand are considered as beach colors, we apply these colors on the construction. Wicker and bamboo is applied everywhere from main building to home furniture. All the home decors are adorned in navy blue and white combination under our supervision. The casual outdoor looks are also found in these types. Dark wood with pale painting can be also used. These cottages contain large outdoor dining area, extensive portico and fascinating windows for broad view.


Rustic wooden cottage:

For making the rustic wooden cottage, the skilled technicians of us are highly efficient and enough knowledgeable. In these constructions we apply pine timber for main structure. Floors can be made by stone or wood. Some curtains and window shades are decorated by us are very wonderful for alluring the coming visitors.


Swedish wooden cottage:

A wide color range is used in this type. Green, rust, brown, orange, yellow are the main colors can be painted on this kind of cottage. Fireplace plays an important role and we make it in extraordinary manner. The fine plaster is coated on the wall to mould some architectural decorations. From whitewash to woven floral rugs, to stencil technology to striped throw rugs all the materials can be an ideal solution for the flooring of Swedish wooden cottage.

So as a whole, AwningSheds can be the secured destination to build wooden cottage according to your choice. All people attached to the travelling become benefitted by us through our exclusive manufactured products and its distribution.

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