Benefits of Awnings

A great investment for dream homes:

Our sensational outdoor living product commercial awnings may gorgeous your life style in many ways. The benefits of commercial awnings of AwningSheds have amazing features beyond the expectation. We offer several benefits for enhancing the possession to stay at your home.


Shade when you need, sun when you want:

With AwningSheds; shade can be well controlled by you. The outdoor extensive living area become convenience and favorite with the presence of it. It was not so ever before. It is very simple to operate to pitch it by simply pushing a button or turn a handle. This manual operation helps you to get fully or partially open facility by which you can control shade and sun simultaneously. If you shade is required open it fully for protecting or when you wish, sun bath extends partially to get it.


Enjoy beauty of nature:

Our strong and aerodynamic design is so reliable that it can withstand the harshness of nature without obstructing your view. We generally get enter into the home for protecting ourselves from reverse nature. Is not there a violent beauty of nature? You have to agree that yes it is. But with awnings structure manufactured by AwningSheds makes you the position to enjoy every natural calamity from hailstorm to falls of foliage at summer day, from heavy rain to lightning in the sky without any fear. Our strong and protective shelter will protect you and your family.


Enhance the beauty of home:

Awning concept helps to bring a casual beauty to your home. That is why we as a leading awnings manufacturer in Kolkata try to make customizable structure for fulfilling all needs and styles of dwellers. Every homeowner has the different choice to decorate his home with it. AwningSheds honors all their desire besides beautification by providing the precious suggestions. Our specialists advise the property owner to install the best quality and suitable awnings according to the local climate, requirement and budget for them so that they cannot become sufferer in few days.


Useful to expand the space:

Mostly you cannot utilize our outdoor living area due to the absence of protection. But you have generally huge exterior livable space abundantly in garden or backyard. AwningSheds suggests you to make the place not only worth living but favorite enough to spend quality time over there. This place can be a great space for rendezvous, gathering, party etc without interfering in family life inside the house.


Protection for home d├ęcor:

The ultra violet ray of sun damages the house furniture, curtains, carpets, drapes, upholsteries, flooring by entering through the windows. These become fade day by day. All these valuable can be protected and prolonged their life span with the help of AwningSheds.


Electricity cost reduction:

The awnings made from AwningSheds help to reduce energy bill indirectly year around. If the awning is pitched in summer day for sun blocking purpose, the room remains cool throughout the day. Simultaneously in winter, sun can warm the room by removing it. By this way, air conditioning cost is reduced almost 25%.

So, this manufacturing product of AwningSheds is really blessing for the homeowners from many perspectives. Overall our awning saves your money besides facilitating numerous other advantages.

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