Marquee Tent

Select marquees for your outdoor events:

Hiring AwningSheds for marquee tent is such a super decision for arranging various outdoor events. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of different types of marquees. This amazing tent has the capability for making any abundant area into fascinating venue. Myriad kinds of fabrics including cotton canvas fabrics, PVC fabrics, polyester blend cotton and many more components are used by our efficient artisans for manufacturing stunning quality marquee. The processing system to make this thrilling item of AwningSheds helps to come up front among the others. From these technical sides like water resistant, ultraviolet protective, rot and fungus proofing, there will be no words to waste about AwningSheds. Application of best quality colors for the marquee has assisted us for leading the position in this industry.


Uniqueness of AwningSheds for making it:

Being an efficient tents manufacturer in Kolkata, we confidently make decorative entrance door and embellishing window walls in marquee. Including walkway towards the main structure is our real uniqueness. Our expert workers think about the interior part of it. So they make majestically suspended floor inside the tent. The royal presence of this floor helps to attract people and stimulate them to spend few days of hectic schedule. We arrange marvelous colors carpet for covering the floor according the demand of users. If they do not prefer carpeting, we leave this portion to them.

All the interior and exterior decorations depend on the function. AwningSheds provides variety of linings including ceiling also to decorate the tent for enhancing the beauty. In this respect, we value our customers and try to satisfy them from all angles. If they like colored linings and swags we arrange it. Even we have the arrangement of pelmets and curtains by prior intimation.

AwningSheds provides all types of amenities in the marquee tent. From dancing floor to staging, from bar units to table-chair arrangements, we are just complete tent supplier and do not compromise with anything to serve you best. Thermostatically controlled heating machines are also offered by us for our promising customers to stay comfortable in marquee around the year. Our designer groups prefer using stylish lighting fixation as it plays a crucial role to increase the charming beauty. Traditional to contemporary chandeliers are the real blessings to make dreamy ambiance.


Marquee Tent


Types of marquee tent made by us:

As a dedicated tent manufacturer, AwningSheds is capable of making variety types of marquee. But honestly we are the specialist of making frame marquees or free standing marquees and pole marquees.


Frame marquees or free standing marquees:

The frame marquee manufactured by us facilitates to install on any spaces like pulpy ground, wooden patio, concrete floor etc. M.S pole of hard frame structure is made to erect the vinyl or canvas fabrics to give it the proper shape. These are dressed up with drapes by our eminent workers, and entire legs are covered with this. The frames facilitate to extend the side walls according to any size and shape. Frames marquee is becoming popular day by day for its unique features. No interior center poles are present here to wither its beauty. This tent can be placed and transferred easily.


Pole marquee:

The Indian classical pole marquee tent is the perfect combination of innovative design and color sense. It can be an elite collection of your garden if install here by us. The pole are the main component of it and erects the covering according the choice of customers. We are specialist to make this item superbly in number of various sizes. This structure is quite cost effectively and can be used in all purposes.

So please do not waste your valuable time. Come fast and grab your choice from our stocks.

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