Swiss Cottage Tent

An idea to stay in nature: Modern people are very much habituated with various beautiful outdoor events. Specially wedding ceremony is a common occasion and the application of Swiss cottage tent is seen here randomly in the new era. But

Marquee Tent

Select marquees for your outdoor events: Hiring AwningSheds for marquee tent is such a super decision for arranging various outdoor events. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of different types of marquees. This amazing tent has the capability for

Garden Tents

Advantages of using garden tent: Garden tent plays an important role in many outdoor events without any hassles. From sun protection to personal hideout to open air party, it has endless contribution in the modern era. There are sufficient reasons

Beach Tent

The premier protection against ultraviolet ray: Ozone layering over the earth atmosphere is being damaged due to global warming. Ozone layer protects human skin from sunburn as UV ray is very harmful causing skin cancer. In spite of this, people

Camping Tents

Choosing right tents for camping: Camping tents are very popular for the adventurous people from very long period. The two major reasons help it to get this success. Firstly, the retractable facility and the second one is it light weight.

Jungle Safari Tents

Make your jungle tour gratifying with tents: The jungle safari tents become more and more popular in modern era. These tents are also known as bush camper tents. Most of the new hotels and resorts are using these tents for

Wedding Tents

Plan to knot your future with wedding tents: A wedding tent is indispensable if you are planning your outdoor wedding. AwningSheds is the right path finder if you want to make your special day more memorable. We on behalf of

Luxury Tent

Life becomes better under luxury tent: Welcome to the world of mesmerizing tents manufacture, AwningSheds. From the very beginning of the civilization tents have been playing an important role for providing protection to the mankind. AwningSheds is one of the

Relief Tent

Feasibility of relief tent for unfortunate situation: The happening of natural calamities cannot be predicted. But a good number of people are floated by losing their homes when these occur. They have no place to go and stay. Even some

Party Tent

A glass of vin de table and party tent: The outside garden or backyard is the ideal place for throwing a party. If you have any dream to organize an outdoor party, party tent can be a perfect product to

Wooden Cottage

An awesome accommodation for your holiday trip: Most of the Indians have the tendency to spend their holidays adventurously. In that case, they prefer wooden cottage for spending few days instead of concrete hotel building. But we rent hotels maximum

Giant Umbrella

Inexpensive way to decorate the outdoor space: A giant umbrella is a very cost effective way to adorn your garden or backyard. Just imagine. Perhaps you have satisfying patio or garden or backyard with nice garden chair sets and other

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