Giant Umbrella

Inexpensive way to decorate the outdoor space:

A giant umbrella is a very cost effective way to adorn your garden or backyard. Just imagine. Perhaps you have satisfying patio or garden or backyard with nice garden chair sets and other ornamental items. That means you like making the outdoor most enjoyable space in your house. Then you should not forget about the effect of sun ray and disturbance of rain in the particular events arranged in the exterior part of your home. These unavoidable circumstances of nature can squander all the gathering. The giant umbrella manufactured by AwningSheds can provide the perfect solution for it.


Offering of AwningSheds by making giant umbrella:

Most of the party hosts beg for bright sunshine day to finish the function without any difficulties. Besides, just like them you also prefer to protect the heavy heat of the sun by blocking it out. The experienced technicians of AwningSheds use parasol paper on the umbrella as very reliable material for withstanding the sunray. They also apply soothing primary color on the umbrella so that you do not have to face any problem for snapping your memorable moments. Deep and dark colors may create no prominence of your photos.

The giant umbrellas manufactured by AwningSheds, a genuine tents manufacturer in Kolkata offer open air dining facility to your spacious garden or patio or backyard. If you have enough space in the aisle, these ingenious little devices can be beneficial to the party organizers to arrange some extra sitting preparation for convenient dining.


Type of giant umbrella:

AwningSheds is a specialist to make mainly two types of these umbrella structures- semi-permanent and permanent umbrellas. From manufacturing perspectives, semi-permanent giant umbrellas have multiple advantages than the permanent structure. It can be erected the time to time anywhere on the ground of your garden to beautify the events. For keeping it intact for future use, these semi structures made by our extremely skilled professionals can be stored if space needed. It gives awesome facility to move along with your entire movable assets at the time of shifting. But we can assure that if you need to install the giant umbrellas in a fixed position to a rail, permanent one is just unbelievable product of our company. The standing permanent units are designed either with a typical center pole or a cantilever.

According to the colors and styles, we have wide collection of giant umbrellas. The power of beautification of it depends on its workability. The awesome fabric colors can be selected by you according to your choice. These are made to give proper shape of square, round, hexagonal and even café style also.


Materials used in:

As an authentic manufacturer and supplier, AwningSheds does not compromise with quality. To make it strong and well protective, we use high grade complete water proof PVC and PVDF fabrics. The galvanized fabrication components and sturdy steel structure with powder coat of semi-permanent and permanent giant umbrellas help to withstand heavy wind.

So, do not wait for the cocktail. Just fit the device and throw your party and say CHEERS!!!

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