Beach Tent

The premier protection against ultraviolet ray:

Ozone layering over the earth atmosphere is being damaged due to global warming. Ozone layer protects human skin from sunburn as UV ray is very harmful causing skin cancer. In spite of this, people do not hesitate to take the sun bath, arrange picnics, festivals, outings and many more events on the sea beaches under the sun. In summer time, good number of persons get sun stroke and are victimized of dehydration. Except these, some sensible skins get burned due to over exposure of heat. Certainly you do not want to be a sufferer of any of these kinds. If so take the help of the beach tent and enjoy the beauty of the sea beach and spend the whole day with your friends and family.


Utilities of beach tent:

AwningSheds is a leading beach tents manufacturer in Kolkata provides the amenities for protecting you from strong sunlight, heavy wind, sudden rain fall, attack of insect besides fun and enjoyments. Our outdoor exciting living item also offers the proper shading with cool and refreshing air. So the interest of enjoying every wave of the sea is amazingly increased due to this beach tent. Nowadays, there are lots of tea and food courts, and they rent chairs on hour basis. But this becomes very expensive for the people in general. Asides, it does not provide all protections and majestic appearance on it. The royal presence of beach tent manufactured by AwningSheds easily attracts the mass over the sea beach. Our experienced artisans make this piece so exclusively that privacy inside it is perfectly maintained. If you decide to swim in the sea, you can put you all valuables inside the tent without any hassles.


Variety of beach tents:

AwningSheds is the specialist in making different types of beach tents. If your family members or you have the fascination to lookout for tours and excursions then we can be the ultimate destination. We will provide you this outdoor essential according to your demand. Here are some overviews of different kinds of beach tents manufactured by us.

• Baby beach tent- This humble adobe is specially made for kids and babies. This portable piece is

perfect for your sleepy little darling to sleep safely and comfortably. It contains pockets for holding feeding bottles and toys for infants. Our dedicated craftsmen use net mesh panels for proper ventilation.

• Beach cabana- It is a proper family tent facilitates to stay whole family to see the beauty of the sea. It

is created so nicely that one side can be opened for maintaining the privacy. Our skilled workers equip it with the zipping facility for dressing up and changing dress after swimming. SPF coating is used on this material for providing perfect protection from the sun.

• Beach canopy tent- AwningSheds is hired to make this type of tent for various purposes. This

beach essential can be a great accommodation for party and gatherings. On the other hand, our artisans have the experience to make smallest beach canopy tent for a romantic couple.

• Pop up tent- It is an exclusive folding beach tent provides lots of benefits. All members of your group

can easily open and retract the tent by simply pushing a button. The sand pockets are technically equipped on it for making it weight to withstand the heavy wind.

So beach tent manufactured by AwningSheds is the ideal solution for creating shady space on beach in the sunny day. We offer more shading solution than cheap umbrellas. Make your holiday outing more enjoyable and pleasant with beach tents.

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