Awnings for Schools

Create natural atmosphere to conduct teaching:

All people of different ages need protection from the sun as the ultra violet ray is very harmful to human skins. The skin of the children is quite softer than adult. Sunburn damages their skin easily due to tenderness. In that case awnings provide the perfect solution for enabling kids to stay outside without any risks of skin injury. AwningSheds is truly efficient to install this protective item at different schools nationwide. We are very much thankful to the wide range of our sensational outdoor living products so that we can provide the solution. Your requirements do not matter to us as we have enough stocks.


Types of awnings need at schools:

Our specialists are well aware of what types of awnings are required at schools. Their experience provides their knowledge to know the exact type that can accomplish the purpose. According to their expert opinion two types of essential awnings are made for this situation. These are

Freestanding awnings

Wall mounted awnings


Freestanding awnings:

Freestanding awnings are most acceptable and popular for schools and kindergartens. It provides extensive shading facility under which children can do their drawings and class works cozily. It can stand on its own frame structures and does not need to be attached to any wall at all. It can be expanded at any time at any place and retracted after completion of the purpose.


Wall mounted awnings:

The robust wall mounted awnings manufactured by AwningSheds, a leading awnings manufacturer in Kolkata are truly perfect to the schools. The broad width of almost 14m and long height up to 4m of the school awnings help to remain the atmosphere cool under it. It can be an ideal decision to conduct learning process under this type of covering exterior portion of the closed room. Pupils enjoy the outside view by doing exercise with proper protection. One side of it is mounted to the wall for giving permanent structure.


Protect and encourage students while learning:

It is a modern concept to use nature for giving education. Nature provides enormous lessons to us. Many organizations and charity campaigners are suggesting spreading this type of education to the children. Besides, it is important to take care of them by protecting from heat of sun, rains, storm, bird dropping and other natural hazards. As surveys prove that the sun ray after 10 O’clock in the morning is very harmful to our skin. It can cause skin carcinoma and myriad dermatitis. Our exterior protective products play outstanding performance for children education in modern process. We are really grateful to our dedicated team to manufacture such kinds of useful outdoor appliance through their developed technologies.


Colorful awnings attract infants:

The small kids may not want to go to school every day. They may nag and cry. But the colorful creations of AwningSheds have the ability to attract small babies to stay under it. The amazing colors with alluring graphics and texts make them happy and help to forget all urges. Their habit gradually develops to come here daily.

UV rays are strongest at school periods, so sun shading is becoming popular in schools day by day. It is essential for protection of pupils, teachers and parents via awnings. This is an unbelievable way out for nurseries, pre-schools and schools in the modern era.

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