Camping Tents

Choosing right tents for camping:

Camping tents are very popular for the adventurous people from very long period. The two major reasons help it to get this success. Firstly, the retractable facility and the second one is it light weight. Due to its retractable feature it can be installed anywhere anytime and easily be folded down also. The tent springs facilitate to take shape just after taking off the wraps. No tent construction technology will offer this kind of great benefit instead of camping tents. The light weight feature of it eases to transport this tent from one place to other effortlessly. AwningSheds makes this thrilling outdoor item so efficiently that four persons can sleep cozily in.


Our uniqueness for making camping tents:

AwningSheds is the nationally renowned tents manufacturer in Kolkata and they are into manufacturing, and supplying superbly created and quality camping essential. Even the expertness of our manufacturing is spreading to the newbie of camping. Our experienced craftsmen construct the piece solidly using enough durable components. We can assure you that your tent will remain intact after completion of camping in the most adverse places. The materials used in this item by AwningSheds are two times thicker than the materials used by other tent manufacturing company. The leak free component helps to stay it well from inside. The plenty of space inside the camping tents assists to move freely without ducking.

The technicians of AwningSheds are so well versed that they equip the tent with self rolling window. These windows provide ventilation and protection from the bite of poisonous insects middle of the night. The full length covering sheet controls the temperature inside the camping tent. Another uniqueness of AwningSheds is hidden under its frame works. The proficient artisans apply steel frame to click and extend at anywhere. Our simple technology on making camping tents and cost effective price rate has reached us at the height of the success.


Range of camping tents:

All the varieties of camping essentials are completely made on the basis of requirements and accommodation. Each tent of AwningSheds has awesome characteristic and beauty. Let us have a look for a suitable one according to your desire.

• Instant up: Ideal for 3 to 10 people at ease.

• Hinged door and lighted tent: Lumens with LED lights are the basic feature of it.

• Cabin: Ideal for family camping and plenty of space with strong construction.

• Dome: Modern outlook with stable and convenient erection.

• Modified dome: Similar to dome but extra space and room is included.

• Backpacker tent: Ideal to 2 to 12 person at ease and easy to carry due to lightweight.

Though price many, vary from instant up to backpacker tent. But as a genuine tents manufacturer and supplier, AwningSheds does not compromise with quality. Our administrators always guide you to the right way to choose the best one for your necessity. Customer satisfaction is more important than business profit to us. So do not worry about price, just select your product and enjoy outdoor camping with it. We are here to arrange and fulfill your travel destiny with camping tents.

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