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A glass of vin de table and party tent:

The outside garden or backyard is the ideal place for throwing a party. If you have any dream to organize an outdoor party, party tent can be a perfect product to convert your dream into reality. It provides proper shield to your guests from the heat of the sun. Besides, your invitees can stay dry during the rainy season. We on behalf of reputed tents manufacturer in Kolkata have a wide range of party tents to serve you best. All the tents of AwningSheds come in variety types of shapes, styles and sizes. Our manufacturing outdoor essentials are quite suitable for birthday parties, wedding ceremony, engagement gathering, 31st eve celebration parties, Christmas parties and many more.


Our claim to fame:

So what do you want to look for in a party tent? AwningSheds offers predominantly temporary construction of a smart party tent for its promising clients. Our experience craftsmen are very efficient to make top class portable and durable party essential for increasing the mood of social gatherings. Buying a party tent from genuine manufacturing company like AwningSheds will be the clever idea instead of renting if you are habituated to throw parties on a regular basis. AwningSheds follows some considerations during manufacturing the piece. Have a look:

    Drape cover of tent poles- Poles coverings help to make entire tent decorative and gorgeous

without investing too much cost. The application of these ornamental clothes and other showy embellishing accessories change the look of the party tent absolutely marvelous and enchanting.

    Water barrel cover of tent- Tent water barrel cover is highly essential item to make the tent useful

as well as beautiful. This piece cannot look lovely or attractive but helps to maintain the formality. It is quite cost worthily.

    Tent flooring- Floor plays an important role in party tent. Being a professional tent manufacturing

unit, we know the significance of it. Though it may require an extensive dining area, DJ platform or dance floor, strong and reliable flooring is constructed by the specialist artisans of us.

    Tent fan- Fan is the accessory item. AwningSheds makes the provision to install fans in the tent

for if the party is hosted in the summer. If you prefer side walls in the tent then fans are essentially needed to circulate the air.

    Perimeter lightings of tent- The perimeter lightings can create a great ambiance if it is organized in

the evening or late night. Our representative will surely guide you to fix the right type of lights. They will also suggest for the size of the chandeliers and decorative lamps that can enhance the beauty of the tent. Basically our skilled decorators apply 40×40 size illumination sources but if the tent is bigger in size then it needs extra source of light

    Tent heater arrangement- AwningSheds has the arrangement of tent heaters. If you throw a party

at evening in winter then you should keep the heater arrangement in tent so that all invitees can stay and spend the time comfortably.

So, AwningSheds is the one-stop-shop for any party tent you may require. Besides manufacturing, we supply party tents for satisfy our clients to complete the events successfully and glamorously.

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