Canopies for Petrol Station

Amazing creation for modern petrol station:

Earlier petrol stations were used to fill petrol or diesel for the vehicles. Various people including travelers, passengers, and drivers etc used to come this place for their petroleum refilling. But this concept has now totally changed. Now petrol station is a complete tour solution for the travelers. This place is so convenient that everything from drinks to fuel, from ATM counter to magazines and newspapers are found here. It is needless to say that most of the petrol pumps in the city provide car servicing facility along with. Petrol pump owners hire Awningsheds for making strong and long lasting awnings and canopies for their high graded commercial use.


Advantages of canopies in petrol station:

AwningSheds is a leading canopy manufacture in Kolkata very much capable to make high grade outdoor living products with specialized experience. The super range of our products is manufactured by qualitative raw ingredients and durable components. It provides tons of benefits for the coming customers.


Reduces construction cost:

Petrol station canopies can be made from fabrics, metals and fibers by the manufacturing company like AwningSheds. The area of coverage made by this structure is relatively more than concrete construction. As a result the cost of construction is much less than usual brick works.


Easy movable:

Though this structure are made by us is permanent in nature it can easily be dismantled and moved to a new place. This shifting charge is relatively lower than other renovation works. The specialists of AwningSheds are quite experienced to do this kind of job efficiently.


Helps customers to stay dry:

In rainy season you feel comfortable under this outdoor living item manufactured by AwningSheds. Your free movements are comparatively much cozier than confined in four concrete walls. You can easily refill your car with petrol or diesel while cats and dogs outside.


Protects the harshness of the sunlight:

Your cars need to do periodical servicing for keeping it in good condition. The process takes some times for completion this work. If the petrol station has this exterior essential product over your head you can stay fit. Otherwise, the intensity of sunlight may cause sunburn.


Increases visibility:

AwningSheds prepares this shade without covering four sides. So light and air can easily pass through under the shade. Automatically the visibility remains intact underneath the construction.


Enhances beautification:

The canopy structure made by AwningSheds in the petrol station enhances the beauty of the area. The attractive colors and texts used on it look marvelous and eye catchy. The travelers and onlookers are instantly allured by this construction.


Facilitates to construct ATM counter, food courts, magazine stall, shopping stalls, sundries etc with car servicing facility:

AwningSheds is highly expert for manufacturing and planning this structure for installing ATM counter, shopping stalls and food court and many more attractive amenities for your accomplishments. Car servicing facility is quite significant in that case. The customers can feel homely and pass the leisure with coffee, tea, snacks, magazines etc.


Helps to mount banners and flex for advertisement:

People of different professions and places come to petrol pump daily for their requirements. AwningSheds realizes this place to be utilized for advertising purpose. Our experts make this structure suitably according to the demand so that the banner and flex can easily be mounted. The petrol station owners get revenue from these advertisements.

So, AwningSheds offers zero maintenance cost based and non corrosive canopies for petrol pumps. This light weight product of ours definitely will enhance your business place for attracting customers.

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