Wedding Tents

Plan to knot your future with wedding tents:

A wedding tent is indispensable if you are planning your outdoor wedding. AwningSheds is the right path finder if you want to make your special day more memorable. We on behalf of a leading tents manufacturer in Kolkata offer several kinds this outdoor wedding essential to make the event unique. Our specialist workers are so efficiently manufacture and install the tent that these are not only decorative but shield the guests from adverse weather. This structure made by us has sufficient space, comfort and shade for giving the joyous mood to everyone.


Types of wedding tent made by AwningSheds:

The outdoor ceremonious product plays crucial role to throw a gorgeous wedding party. This tent should be given importance if you arrange the ceremony exterior portion of your house. In AwningSheds, there are plenty of collections of wedding range to choose from. The wide array will surely satisfy you for choosing your best one. Each type features different styles and patterns. But you should give the priority to accommodate your invitees cozily. Here are the overviews of different type of our manufacturing wedding tents. Have a look:

•   Party canopy- It is very light in term of weight and designed for protecting sunray and sudden rain. It facilitates convenient installation mechanisms.

•   Frame tent- This tent is manufactured strongly with robust metal framing without using any center poles. AwningSheds is hired by the tent rental company to make it for future benefits.

•  Pop-up canopy- The retractable facility is one of the major benefits of this kind. The collapsible frame fabric is used as its protective materials.

•  Tension tent- Center poles are the main constructional element of this type of wedding tent. It has steeply slanting ceiling and designed as open from all sides.

•  Pole tent- Around the perimeter and center, there are certainly different sizes poles in this kind of tent. It is ideal to protect the guests from the harshness of weather.


Position and platform:

AwningSheds has the pools of exceptionally talented professionals to build several kinds of wedding essential. After receiving order our representatives visit the place of tent installation. They always suggest the wedding authority to install the piece on even extensive ground for better result. No tent should be placed under high extension wires. If the site is bumpy or stony and the weather of this place is rain prone our specialists will surely advise to make plywood or plastic floor. These are ideal for uneven terrain and durable also. Even for the dance floor, syntactic materials such as plastic, fibers are best for remaining intact.


Decorate it with professional touch:

Decoration is the vital part of this wedding tent. According to your pocket and venue, you need to select everything from theme to style. As a most renowned tent manufacturing unit they supply all these decorative items like centerpieces, tablecloths, flowers, chairs, lightings etc. We have the professional decorators for decorate the interior and exterior of the tent with their innovative and imaginative ideas.

So without reliable covering this idea of outdoor wedding reception will become incomplete. Now hire us as reputable awning planners for offering captivating and charismatic outdoor wedding item to you.

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