Canopies for Toll Plaza

Perfect solution for rapid highway development:

India is a developing country and the high speed developments on highways and expressways have been experiencing in modern time. Toll plazas are the common place on high road while long driving. Every traveler is quite habituated to pay the toll tax in these plazas. They must notice the wide construction of the row of toll booths. But how is it related to AwningSheds?


Relation with AwningSheds:

Toll plazas are constructed by canopies and pre engineered structures. We on behalf of AwningSheds are expertise in manufacturing these sturdy erections for highway toll booths. Our high quality but light in term of weight and heavy duty fabrication and materials help to make entire edifice along with overhead canopy. AwningSheds sets up these large imposing constructions with all self sufficient provisions. The basic facility like communications, power, water, sanitation, air conditioning and many more arrangements are included in these outdoor essentials.


Advantages of canopy rendered by us:

The overhead canopy manufactured by AwningSheds offers numbers of advantages. Being a leading canopy manufacturer in Kolkata our creations offer the under mentioned benefits. Have a look.

   Defense frequenters and toll agents from external objects

   Serve for advertisement mounting

   Ideal structure to fix lane signal and lightings

   Provide road direction for the drivers of the vehicles


Defense frequenters and toll agents from external objects:

All the frequenters have to push their break by decreasing the speed of the car for paying toll tax while driving on highway. Most of the time, they can have to wait behind a long queue. The roughness of the sun creates irritating feel for them. This shading structure manufactured by us is really awesome experience for these travelers to take peaceful breath at least for few moments. The toll agents also can do their honorable duty by sitting under the canopy. This provides complete protections from external flying objects to climatic hazards.


Serve for advertisement mounting:

It is the ideal place for mounting the business advertisements. As technology advanced, various large and digital promotional banners are designed in modern business world. This extensive space is used to install the long strip placard. The signs are decorated and highlighted by deep focusing lights. All these easily create the attention of travelers.


Ideal structure to fix lane signal and lightings:

Signals and lightings are most essential part of highways and roads. These help the drivers for avoiding accidental occurring and misdirection. The proper lighting arrangements can be installed easily with the large edifice made by AwningSheds. We allot separate segment for lightings and signals.


Provide road direction for the drivers of the vehicles:

As technology advanced we take this opportunity to make toll plaza canopy. Our expert designers imprint the road direction map on the canopy fabrics. The renowned and significant places are indicated there from this particular area with mentioning the distance on Kilometer basis. So the new comers feel comfortable to reach the particular place conveniently.

Besides manufacturing, AwningSheds provides toll plaza cleaning facility by using modern equipments and modern methods. A regular contract with us can make it easiest from the perspective of profitability. Otherwise we dedicatedly accept the cleaning contract and do our job in cost effective way.

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