Acrylic Fabrics

Dress up the exterior area with acrylic fabrics:

Garnering the interest of consumers for every product by aesthetically pleasant appearance is the vital part of marketing and advertising. Acrylic fabrics for awning are these kinds of the item for alluring people attraction. AwningSheds is the last destination of fabric selection for awning. Our big range of outdoor living products is made of the complete solution based dyed acrylic fiber. This is the best raw material for dyeing procedure. This material is so effective that it has replaced randomly used cotton fabrics. Even AwningSheds uses water-repellent acrylic fabrics to get beautifully woven texture.


Reasons of using acrylic fabrics by AwningSheds:

The extremely efficient and skilled professionals of AwningSheds know the special characteristics of acrylic fabrics. Really there are sufficient causes to use this item in outdoor purpose. These fabrics is almost fifteen times strong as glass. It offers long lasting endurance and unbreakable features to the users. The fabrics acrylic is 100% safe to use and very easy to install. For providing shelter, this item is very protective from exposure of ultra violet ray of sunlight. Due to optical clarity it has light transmission ability.


Demand of it for outdoor events:

AwningSheds as a leading fabrics manufacturer in Kolkata uses this fabric for combating various environmental hazards. This type faces lots of remarkable wears. Heavy wind and other tearing cannot damage the materials instead of mounting outdoor. Even the tremendous attacks like thunderstorm, rain, debris etc cannot create effect on it. Not only this, the dedicated artisans of AwningSheds prefer acrylic fabrics for

• Sun and UV control

• Balance temperature

• Protective for moisture and mildew

• Easy to clean


The evolution of acrylic fabrics:

After development of it, the old cotton fabrics are totally replaced. The specialists of AwningSheds prefer the fiber based acrylic instead of manmade vinyl. Three unique features have reached this fabric at the top height of demand. These are knittable feature, lightweight and breathability. This fabric is properly utilized by our efficient workers by using its flexible and elastic characteristics. It helps to provide beautiful texture and extraordinary softness. This cannot stimulate mildew maturation like linen and cotton. Due to natural fibers, acrylic provides vivid color textured made in the laboratory. In the lab, pigments are mixed in acrylic solution to give solid colors, patterns and stain-fade free material. This item is far better than vinyl and canvas as vinyl is cracked in cold and canvas can be discolored but acrylic has no this type of possibilities.

AwningSheds is the front-line fabric manufacturing company offers superb quality acrylic fabrics for their valuable customers in cost effective rate. The luxurious item makes the entire shading solution attractive and warm. The enormous contributions of this solution dyed acrylics just cannot be ignored in any way. Being a Kolkata based manufacturing unit we provide our service nationally. This component is truly suitable for all weathers from coastal regions to hilly areas. So AwningSheds is the last destination of attractive acrylic fabrics for deploying exterior spaces more enjoyable and usable.

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