Canopy for Home

Improve the appearance of your house with Canopy:

In Kolkata, we love returning home for comfortable staying after daily hectic schedule. Home is the ultimate peace of our mind. So it is our responsibility to construct it beautifully. So we cannot consider our home as monotonous place of living. Canopy is a roof like structure attached to the exterior part of your home. It can enhance the beauty of your home with minimum investment. AwningSheds is a leading canopy manufacturing company help you completely if you want t furnish your home. As a responsible property owner, you definitely agree that the windows and doors are the vital part of your house. Firstly these provide utmost protection of your members. On the other hand, these have numerous roles to increase the beauty of your house.


Roles of canopy to your house:

AwningSheds is quite professional canopies manufacturer in Kolkata hired by many homeowners to protect the windows and doors of your house. We on behalf of such a talented manufacturing unit have the wide range of canopies for home. These are significantly used in summer for providing cooling shade under your doors and windows. Due to retractable feature, the canopies manufactured by us can be folded up in winter season. Our classic uniqueness is to manufacture adjustable canopies for giving exclusive opportunity to the home owners. Many house holders need to extend some outdoor spaces adjacent to the main building. These adjustable canopies facilitate automatic or manual option for installing it instead of permanent fixation.


Types of canopies on the basis of mechanism:

AwningSheds is expert to manufacture both automatic and manual canopies for home. The users have to press the push button for opening it. At the time of retraction, it will be retracted automatically. The manual canopies are operated manually depending on the rod for frequent movement. On the basis of preference, automatic canopies have much more demands than manual. Though people have very short time for adjusting, we have enough demand for making such items.


Types of canopies on the basis of designs:

AwningSheds makes variety designs canopy for an architectural beautification. From flat roof canopy to frame door canopy you can choose various designs from our gamut stocks. All the designs of the collection of AwningSheds carry the traditional and contemporary styles over doors and windows. The entrance door can be furnished with fiberglass canopy to bring very attractive look. Besides, this material is quite light in weight, and this is a remarkable feature to mount it on the main entrance. The expert workers of AwningSheds always prefer to apply reliable materials for domestic purpose. So they use fiberglass canopy along with aluminum side wings for escaping the upward wind. As a whole, we manufacture residential canopies from the perspective of durability and flexibility.

AwningSheds make various kinds of canopies for home with cost effective rate comparing to others. The door canopies by matching with window, it brings marvelous appearance of your house. So why are you wasting time? Come fast and place your order right now. We are always at your service to guide you to the right way.

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