Application Area – Schools

Children always wish to be outside:

AwningSheds professionally serves their high grade service to the various important fields in the society. School is one of such significant application area of us to reach our products. Canopies are the very common outdoor items used in the modern schools. All people along with parents and students are equally benefitted with these outdoor living products. As both require protection and shelter, AwningSheds gets huge potential to show their best.


Right guidance for picking the right one:

On behalf of AwningSheds our experienced artisans install the canopies on the ground of schools for providing lots of benefits. But before describing the advantages of it you should know the proper place for hiring this exciting outdoor essential for your school. Many small manufacturing companies are now making cheap quality canopy for variety uses. But these units use so low quality materials that the manufactured products are revealed brittle and fragile. So to ignore these units, come to us for right guidance.

AwningSheds offers the thorough supervision facility after receiving the order from your end. Knowing the place and reason of installation is quite important for manufacturing it. Likewise, big one helps to provide the accommodation to take shelter 10 to 15 people at a time. But small canopy installed in the schools can give protection only few students and parents. So our supervisors ask about the purpose of this manufacturing.

In this case, shape plays an important role. The canopy made by us can be look like giant umbrella or awning. Though it is constructed for school purpose, acceptance from children is much more essential. It is needless to say that the products should be colorful and attractive. Umbrella types are very interesting for kids and school students to do their drawing and crafts class group wise. Awning shapes help to provide full and wide protection and shelter for them. AwningSheds, the reliable school canopy manufacturer in Kolkata offers the right products for you according to your requirement and budget through proper analysis.


Roles of canopy in schools:

The conception of learning has been totally changed. The traditional teaching has become obsolete. Besides the schools are not only the places for book learning in modern age. Various activities are developed from these educational institutions including outdoor games on playground, chatting attitude with friends in canteen or cafeteria, participate in exhibitions and fairs by making booths and many more. Canopy for school has enormous contributions to stay students and kids safely under it.

Waiting shade- AwningSheds provides long lasting and attractive waiting shade for students and parents. Most of the time, it is situated just outside the school gate and on bus stand. The student can wait for their bus and guardians to take them to home conveniently and rather safely.

Outdoor classroom- There are many subjects in modern education like Science, Crafts and Drawing, Physical Education etc that can be taught outside the classroom for practical learning. Our skilled artisans make the alluring canopy just adjacent to the original classroom for growing the interests of the students in these above mentioned subjects.

Playground- It is really important for having a big covered playground in the school for playing outdoor games and recreational activities. As the exposure of UV ray of sun is extremely harmful for soft and delicate skin of the children, the presence of canopy in the school is the essential item.

Canteen or cafeteria- The chatting attitude and making friends are developed from adolescent age. School canteen is the place for spending off period casually. AwningSheds guides to install the captivating canopy for them with proper protection from bird dropping and other dirt.

Booth for exhibition and fairs- Most of the schools organize fairs and exhibition to showcase the talent of the children. These fairs are highly valuable to raise the fund of the school by buying-purchasing way. If you hire us, we can make such wonderful and colorful booth for individual segment for showing and selling the items.

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