Rooftop Shades

Your roof protection from all types of weather:

Rooftop shades do not mean to provide the protection of your roof from sun but it protects the roof along with any exterior parts of your house. Besides, shielding the sunray, this structure restricts rains and snow falls to safe the main underneath erection. Sometimes and nowadays, these shadings are popularly used as decorative item. This can be an attractive shade for lawn or garden also. Being civilized people, we should know the effect of sun and way it damages our skins and exterior part of the house. But in all the cases sun does not play the villain role. From weather change to heavy rain, snow falls can play the negative role in this drama. So sun shades made by AwningSheds is the plain and simple solution to safe your dream house.


Variety of rooftop shades:

AwningSheds is the most authentic rooftop shades manufacturer in Kolkata helps the customers by making awesome shade solutions. The outdoor shades are installed all most like awnings. Our expert artisans can make and install the piece on the roof as cantilever, outdoor areas to make the space useable and over the windows. AwningSheds uses wide range of materials to construct the exterior essential. But from structural angle, our skilled artisans make it in three ways.

  Flat shape

  Slope shape

  Solar screen


Flat shape rooftop shades:

This kind of rooftop shades are mounted direct from the wall. It almost looks like roof-like structure. These structures can be made of variety of materials. Basically flat shades are not retractable but permanent structure. So it provides very strong protection from all perspectives. Security is also be well maintained by this shade. It does not look like artificial formation on the house building. AwningSheds is highly efficient to construct this type of shade for their consumers.


Slope shape rooftop shade:

Slope shape rooftop shade is most popular and increasing the popularity day by day. It is constructed in slanting way by our most dedicated workers. The flat shape shade can be made with any type of materials but the slope shape is mostly made with fabrics. The specialties of this covering are its capability of sun blocking and easy retract ability. Sunrays are totally blocked by this shelter. Besides, residential use, restaurants and café is used this type for their application. This shading structure helps to provide diner the awesome sitting arrangement exterior to the restaurants and cafes.


Solar screen rooftop shade:

In modern era, solar screen is also in demand list. We get many more order to make such item. We basically believe in making the item by enduring canvas and mesh like components. The technology named “Gravity-fed fabrics” is applied by our committed and professional installer to install it. They use special frames and equipments for attaching the screen. It maintains the room temperature and reduces energy costs by its unique feature.


Materials used for it:

AwningSheds uses various materials for manufacturing the rooftop shades. The efficient technicians apply fiber, glass, corrugated fiberglass, polycarbonate, roofing sheet and many more. They insert metal wires for ensuring the durability and steadiness of the shade.

So, rooftop shades are the strong structure for improving your home, office or lawn with beautification. By knowing the best rooftop shade supplier like AwningSheds, choose your best one for enhancing the aesthetic value of your residential or commercial house.

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