Canopy Fabrics

Select right canopy fabrics for your needs:

AwningSheds offers a wide selection of canopy fabrics to fulfill the expectation of customers. From enduring recyclable fabrics to insulated amalgamation of fabrics, AwningSheds have the awesome variety of architectural fabric membranes for long term use as outdoor events. We are the foremost canopies manufacturer in Kolkata manufacture and supply world class canopies nationwide. More than hundreds AwningSheds built canopy structures are found in various climatic zones. From temperate zones to equatorial regions, our exciting outdoor living products are everywhere. The fabrics used in canopies are so versatile that satisfy all the requirements.


Canopy in specialist eye:

Cotton canvas was in demand list of canopy fabrics from decades due to its great look and consistency. But like other companies AwningSheds also agrees that cotton fabrics have limitations on exterior application. Sometimes we get an order occasionally for this classic canvas to install. We are equally expert to fulfill the desire of consumers to work on this fabric. But as a leading manufacturing unit we know the dominances of synthetic fabrics. Markets are ruled by these kinds of modern fabrics to make domestic and commercial canopies. The selection of fabrics is quite vital, and it completely depends on applications. The experts of AwningSheds differentiate these categories in two segments. These are Interior or exterior and backlit or standard domestic/ business purpose.


Fabrics used for canopies at a glance:

AwningSheds follow the IFAI (Industrial Fabrics Association International) to use primary standard of seven fabrics for getting best result. Most of these fabrics are in 9 to 17 ounces/ yard2. All these materials are completely corrosion free and last almost 10years by closing the eyes. If the proper care can be taken, these will last for approximate 12years. Let us see the seven fabrics used by AwningSheds on canopies.

 Polyester with vinyl lamination

 Polyester with acrylic coating

 Polyester with vinyl coating

 Vinyl coated cotton

 Acrylic with solution dye

 Painted polyester or cotton

 Modacrylic with solution dye


Utility of these coatings and laminations:

The experienced artisans of AwningSheds use lamination and coatings for making the canopy fabrics protective and qualitative. This liquid solution is applied on the coarse fabrics to cure any defective apertures. Manufacturing workers add colors, flame proof components, UV protective elements, damp resistance at the very beginning stage of liquidation. This time the coating is in liquid form. Lamination helps to convert two or more materials into one. A film and scrim are used for doing this lamination. Our specialist workers apply high standard adhesives to fix the film and scrim robustly with application of heat and pressure.

Being an efficient canopy manufacturing unit, we guide our customers in the right way. A company will certainly manufacture different kinds of fabrics for canopy covering. But users must choose the right product for their requirements. As an outdoor item, we fabricate it with water proofing materials to avoid staining. The proper guidance rendered by us will show you the right path for choosing shiny fabrics or transparent fabrics according to your demand.

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