Metal Awnings

Majestic roles of Metal awnings:

Without investing renovating costs, AwningSheds give the residential or office building exclusive look by installing metal awnings. A wide range of these materials increases the architectural demands rapidly. It is also an ideal solution to create brand identity and to provide stable protection. We as a renowned manufacturing unit commit to our customers and consumers to mount this structure to their house for getting numerous benefits with curb appeals.


Touch to create uniqueness:

Awning is the covering structure over the window, balcony, outdoor area for protecting and extending this space without shutting out the front and side views. This structure may be made with various materials, but the metal component provides undoubtedly strongest protection comparing to others. As a front-line awnings manufacturer in Kolkata, we on behalf of AwningSheds firmly recommend metal one for ultimate safeguard to protect the home. The specialist workers of AwningSheds are quite adamant to manufacture it robustly to withstand all natural hazards. They also keep attention on styles and colors to add beauty of your home and outdoor space.


Advantages of installation of this exciting item:

Various studies prove that metal awnings block almost 77% of sunlight and help to keep room temperature healthy and comfortable. But this heat absorption depends on mounting this structure in the right place. The expert technicians of AwningSheds are so efficient that they properly utilize it to provide the advantages to the users. The metal awnings manufactured by us are

• Superb to conserve energy

• Strongest to resist natural hazards

• Effective to protect UV ray

• Quite helpful to support the home décor from fading

• In gamut range of colors and styles

• Easy for maintenance

• Totally out of rust and corrosions


Standard materials of it:

AwningSheds use such kinds of sturdy metals to make it proper useable. Our specialists apply best quality metals according to the constructional requirements. They prefer using

• Aluminum

• Steel

• Iron

• Copper to satisfy all the expectations.


Variety of types for domestic and commercial purpose:

The solid metals are used for making window, door and porch of the house protectively. These metals like aluminum, iron, copper and steel come with different styles and alluring colors. These metals help to manufacture broad types of awnings depending on functional needs of individuals.

• Louvered awning

• Retractable awning

• Aluminum door awning

• Storm awning


Louvered awning:

This term is also known as Horizontal window panel. An angle and slant are the specialty of this kind to enable the full privacy. Sunlight is partially blocked due to overlapping feature of it. The aluminum slats provide to maintain cracks and peel quickly.


Retractable awning:

This kind of the metal awning is designed by flexible horizontal slats. It offers total zero visibility while open. Cord pull is the device to control the awning without huge efforts.


Aluminum door awning:

These are kind of metal awnings made for protecting doors. This structure covers the staircase, landing and main entrance from rainwater basically. Besides the aluminum, copper and iron is also useful to make the door in a protective manner.


Storm awning:

The name indicates its robustness to withstand heavy storm and harsh weathers. Obviously this kind of the metal awning is made out of heavy hardy materials for providing ultimate safeguard.

All these metal awnings can be achieved from AwningSheds if you desire. So, think to install shading over any spaces at your home? Do not worry, come to us and grab the opportunity to get affordable metal awning for your total requirements.

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