Entrance Canopy

Enhance the beauty of your home:

People are very much intended to protect their residential and commercial building from entrance. The main entrance is quite essential part of the building to increase the beautification. This concept is truly ancient and that period people used to do that for making their porch and portico useful. AwningSheds is the professional canopy manufacturer and supplier for offering long lasting entrance canopy for every building. This structure can be metallic or fabrics but never consists of any floor type construction in it. There are basic two functions of this thing i.e shelter providing and beautification.


Type of canopies made by AwningSheds:

The talented designers of ours use such sophisticated products to create positive impression on first look. We give importance on both- protection and decoration. The materials are most significant matters to solve two purposes equally. For that reason we believe in qualitative components so that we can offer best. We apply

   Curved steel

   Modular glass

   Aluminum frame

   Variety of fabrics

Curved steel is to give an aesthetic touch on the entrance gate. Many a time our artisans apply modular glass and aluminum for making superb quality canopy. These materials provide quality structure in enough cost effective rate from AwningSheds. Even we decorate the entrance with fabric canopies also. Fabric material used in the canopy is the most common and attractive too. Any shapes and styles can be made through the fabric types components.


Professional benefits of entrance canopy:

It is manufactured by an authentic entrance canopy manufacturer in Kolkata for offering awesome benefits. The creativities of AwningSheds have significance for various kinds of buildings. Without distinguishing between commercial and residential service, our invigorating outdoor item facilitates tons of benefits. Check it out.

   Protect people from getting drenched

   Shielding members from UV ray

   Provide favorable waiting space

   Prevent mudding inside

   Attract clients


Protect people from getting drenched:

You and your clients can feel embarrassing after getting out from the car with rains heavily. The products of AwningSheds help them to take shelter under this structure at this moment. As a result, your clients meet will be solved in organized way. On the other hand, your kids and guests can face such problems. Due to entrance canopy nothing will be wrong.

Shielding members from UV ray: Sometime guests and visitors may wait for you after pushing the calling bell. May be you are in toilet or bathroom. That moment the strong sunlight can damage the skin of your guests. Most of the time staff take break from work and gather outside of the office. If this structure is there, they will freely chat with each other without risk of exposure of sun light and bird dropping also.

Provide favorable waiting space: After working schedule staff have to wait for the cab or taxi. This time the importance of entrance canopy can easily be understood. This structure helps them by providing comfortable waiting space along with protection for bird drops and climatic hazards.

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