Swimming Pool Cover

Get a perfect swimming pool cover:

The presence of a swimming pool surely enhances the value and beauty of the house. If you have a lovely pool in your home, you can use it as a very attractive source of income. A side business becomes quite essential in modern life. Two important subjects are kept in the mind before establishing the business. Firstly you have to appoint a well trained coach for trainers and last but not the least, swimming pool maintenance is the most essential factor for getting huge response. If it is not properly maintained it can be dangerous accident prone area and from water, various skin sores can be happened. In that case swimming pool covers can be protective and play crucial role.


Benefits of swimming pool covers in the eye of AwningSheds:

AwningSheds is one of the most trustworthy swimming pool covers manufacturer in Kolkata to provide reliable covers to restrict accidentals drowning while unsupervised. But the professionals of AwningSheds know besides accidents many expenses can be occurred from swimming pools if it is uncovered. So our skilled supervisors always give the advice to the pool owners for installing the cover according o their budget. It is needless to say that we provide very reasonable rate in making such essential item. But apart from accidental drowning it reduces maintenance cost of the pool by under mentioned ways:

  Protects pool from debris and dry leaves falling into

  Keeps the pool clean and fascinating

  Reduces the water evaporation

  Prevent to apply unnecessary chemicals

  Helps the water to keep warm by blocking heat in winter


Myriad varieties of pool covers:

AwningSheds manufactures different kinds of swimming pool covers. We products can be categorized in two ways. There are several types of it from its materials and from the angle of necessity these covers are manufactured in three basic types. Have a look:

According to materials the types of pool covers are

•  Vinyl- It is ideal for systematic insulation. This covers reduce evaporation of water from the pool. It facilitates the locking system to restrict untrained children from get into the water of pool.

•  Plastic-It is easily understood that plastic swimming pool cover is very light in the sense of weight. It is quite useful for reducing the pool cleaning cost. In warm regions, at summer time, the pool water gets very hot. This kind of component helps to keep the water pleasant in summer also.

•  Mesh or solid- It is the sturdiest component ever used as pool cover. We utilize this item for making a stretchable covering from one side to another. It is the most reliable and secured cover to avoid accident.

From the perspective of necessity, these are made by AwningSheds i.e

•  Safety cover- It is mostly used for protecting the children or pets from accidental falling. It can be made of strong materials or mesh fabric components.

•  Winter cover- Most of the winter pool covers are made with mesh like components. These components are quite beneficial for soaking the warmness of sun. So in winter the water remains warm and comfortable for the swimmers.

•  Solar cover- This kind of pool cover absorbs the sun energy and heat the water from it. So it plays important role instead of protection from vaporization. If there are many children and pets closed to the pool, then it is not safe to protect them fully.

So to conclude, swimming pool covers made by AwningSheds are the appropriate tool to provide safeguard to your swimming pool. It is the must have for all pool owners.

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