HDPE Fabrics

Durable HDPE for outdoor structures:

At, AwningSheds, we are involved to manufacture a wide range of HDPE fabrics and other supportive products for making awning strong and protective. Our manufacturing products deliver long lasting performance with water resistant feature. AwningSheds is one of the most prominent names of fabrics manufacturer in Kolkata for awnings, canopies, tents and many more outdoor living products. Through these HDPE fabrics, all the items get exclusive looks and overall products become extraordinary in appearance and serviceability.


Exploration of HDPE:

AwningSheds offer High Density Polyethylene with polished and thick geomembrane. These thicknesses may vary product to product. The length and width of the fabrics depend on the geomembrane. Poly-Flex HDPE fabrics are quite demanding outdoor applications. The extruded lines provide high tensile power and chemical-crack resistant ability on this fabric. The HDPE is also called Australian awnings. Though this type of material was firstly introduced by Australia, the name comes from there. This type of fabric is very protective to withstand the harshness of Australian climate. Besides, this quality suits in that environment. As it is mounted in the open position and heavy wind flows, HDPE can resist the wind. Even the specialists of AwningSheds are well known that this is knotted item, so it is quite possible having tiny holes to flow wind and water. So it is installed with a slight angle.


Features of HDPE fabrics:

Being a leading fabrics manufacturing unit for canopies, awnings and varieties of exterior products we know the usefulness of HDPE fabrics. It is highly applied material by almost all companies like us due to its awesome features. Let us have a look on these.

 Low permeability>

 Ultra violet proof

 Chemical resistance

 Reflection ability

The low permeability facilitates to protect from penetration of leachate. As a result, rainwater cannot be infiltrated through this strong fabric. On the other hand, UV exposure is fully restricted by the presence of carbon black on this HDPE fabric. So volatilization may not create any problem instead of absence of plasticizers. No chemicals such as acid rains can damage it due to its powerful nature. The geomembrane of the HDPE help to add a reflective impression on it. So it can enhance the stunning beauty of surroundings.


Advantages of HDPE fabrics:

AwningSheds manufactures premium quality laminated HDPE fabric for offering numerous benefits to our valuable customers and clients. As this fabric is very strong and has unmanageable characteristics, it is widely used for outdoor shade structures.

 Provides unbeatable protection by blocking up to 96% of harmful UV ray

 Approximately 90mph heavy wind can be protected

 It is flexible, light in weight and fire retardant

 We offer long term warranty on Ultraviolet degradation

 Energy saving characteristic to keep cool under it

 Wide range of colors for creating eye catchy look

So uses HDPE fabric manufactured by AwningSheds for achieving multi benefits. Your outdoor shading structure remains intact for this fabric generation to generation.

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