Garden Tents

Advantages of using garden tent:

Garden tent plays an important role in many outdoor events without any hassles. From sun protection to personal hideout to open air party, it has endless contribution in the modern era. There are sufficient reasons behind its popularity. Firstly it is portable and durable. So it can be installed anywhere with full of endurance. Secondly, it provides enough protection from natural calamities and other elements. Last but not the least the fresh air can easily pass through inside the tent. These above mentioned points have helped not only to increase the fame but also to make it useful.


Our contribution in making it:

AwningSheds is the leading tents manufacturer in Kolkata manufactures all types of garden tents in reasonable price rate. We have long years experience of making these pieces. Our uniqueness is in best quality fabrics, manufacturing process and obviously in craftsmanship. Our pools of expert artisans are so capable of make such item that they efficiently make variety types of garden tents including pergola, pavilion, kids tents and flat tents. AwningSheds does not compromise to make any products from their own manufacturing section. So to craft the garden tents we use best quality fabrics like polyester blend cotton canvas, cotton canvas, poly viscose fabrics etc.

In the interior, our experts use cotton sheet and lycra fabric for making the interior of it charming and elegant. According to the specification our experienced artisans apply standard materials on frames. But in general we use CRC metal frame in the main structure. From the angle of design and print, AwningSheds is just incomparable to others. We have a wide range of it by default, but we offer in-house printing and design development facility to our promising customers according to desire. The block print and screen print facility is our new addition for giving you some extra from others.


Usefulness of garden tents:

Garden tents facilitate to utilize the garden area for making an awe-inspiring room in the summer time. AwningSheds is hired to install this structure for various small gatherings and parties. It has a huge demand as it can be installed on any types of superficial top of the floor. Though it looks marvelous and bright, it is really perfect selection for ceremonial events. The skilful craftsmen of AwningSheds are quite knowledgeable to make it in the square shape without using any center poles. The ornamental scallops and tassels are the main ingredients to decorate the entire structure exclusively for events. Besides using waterproof components, our committed specialists apply their innovative and creative imagination for creating an amazing garden tent with multiple colors and designs.

So to conclude, garden tents can be categorized according to the functions. It has no specific shape and design. Our designers design the tents based on their experience and creativity. But whatever it is, AwningSheds follows some important matters at the time of manufacturing. Broad space, durability and cost effectiveness- these three essential points are the target of the designers-developers of AwningSheds. We always provide something extra features excluding specified item. That can be furnishing, carpeting, lighting anything. So arrange your joyous party, we are always at your service.

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