Patio Awnings

Contribution of patio awning in constructional world:

Have you ever tried to control the power of the sun? Though it sounds crazy but yes, patio awnings have this strength to do it. As an authentic awning manufacturer and supplier, AwningSheds helps to convert your dream into reality. Patio awning is just the right option for making some extensive unused space useable and most appreciable. The heat of the sun can become enjoyable by sitting under it with friends. Any kind of occasions like party, get together, barbeque can easily be organized on the patio by installing it. It was unimaginable to arrange a barbeque or family party under open sky in the rainy season before this concept. But now it is not a fantasy because patio can be utilized through this modern idea.

You can get instant shade from any uncovered area with fabric covering whenever it is required. AwningSheds facilitates to maximize the exterior space of domestic or commercial place by manufacturing this type of exciting and durable outdoor living products for their respectable customers and clients. We on behalf of genuine awnings manufacturer in Kolkata must provide a guarantee on each and every product as we have a wide range of it. There are awesome styles and colors range in our stock for increasing the value of loveliness in the particular space.


Key attributes:

  Obstruct UV rays and sun light exposure

  Protects home décor and interior furniture from discoloration

  Reduce electricity bill cost almost 75%

  Helps to keep privacy of family inside the house

  Increases sell value of the property

  Facilitates to enjoy showering with coffee or magazines

By fulfilling the needful requirement, this item brings a curb appeal to the home or office. It provides tons of benefits in spite of aesthetic representation. Adding resale value is one of them when the entire house or a portion has to be decided to sell down. AwningSheds also appreciates the decision of the property owner by contacting with commercial clients, individuals, landscape architects, interior-exterior designers, contractors nationwide. All house buyers will impress by seeing this kind of “outdoor room” where most of the time can be spent with or without friends and family members. There are many outsiders who cannot be allowed inside the house. This place is perfect to complete the formality by simply sitting over there in any season and weather. Exposure of sun or heavy rain cannot create the disturbance under the space. Patio awning helps us to enjoy outdoor shine or rain with full protection.

The manufactured product of AwningSheds assists to reduce the air conditioning bill cost by absorbing heat from wall, window and sliders. So the temperature inside it remains balanced like cool in the summer time. Even the furnishing decors such as carpets, curtains, furniture etc can be kept safely under this shade without fear of fading. So as a whole with the product of AwningSheds, you never have to compromise on its quality and efficacy. So it is a real blessing for the world of constructional world.

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