PVDF Coated Fabrics

Make awning strong from inside:

PVDF is the abbreviated form of Polyvinylidene Fluoride. It is also called Kynar coating and Polyvinylidene Difluoride. This component is derived from polymerization of Vinylidene Difluoride. This non reactive agent is used for manufacturing of plastic materials. This malleable plastic has enormous contribution to manufacture high quality shading materials. AwningSheds prefers this qualitative component for making their awning works.


Characteristics of PVDF coating:

PVDF coating is a polymer effectively applied for cable insulation and coating on aluminum shades and frames. It has many useful characteristics. From high strength acids to chlorine can be stored in PVDF coated containers. Awnings manufactured by AwningSheds with this material is highly non reactive to acid rain, base solution and chlorinated solvents. As a result the durability of this outdoor living product is much more than ordinary plastic products. PVDF sheet can be molded to any shape easily according to the desire. Our expert artisans are well skilled to use this material for giving the proper shape, size and suggestion. The flame retardant quality of it helps to increase its popularity. Like other polymers, it is not fragile instead of sturdy. It can resist ultra violet ray remarkably compare to other form of polymers.


Ideal as outdoor item:

AwningSheds is the leading awnings manufacturer in Kolkata manufactures various kinds of shading solutions for their customers. PVDF is appreciably applied by our experienced workers to various exterior surfaces. The outdoor shading constructed by aluminum and steel is basically painted or coated by this component. There are tons of reasons for this application. The myriad types of colors enhance the beauty of exterior. Besides it helps to keep the outdoor essential rust and corrosion free. As a result your shading structure will remain intact for long years with effortless maintenance. If AwningSheds gets hired for mounting PVDF coated awning on roof, we can say that your roof will not be affected due to its light weight. The feature of rust proof facilitates to become it the number one outdoor component with long lasting characteristic. The robust nature of PVDF can withstand any reverse climatic condition. That is why it is the reliable product used by AwningSheds for any outdoor shading solutions.


Advantages at a glance:

   Due to 59% fluorine, 38% carbon and 3% hydrogen PVDF coating is highly compatible protect UV ray and other chemical decays.

   Comparing to other awning products, PVDF coating is far better for outdoor essential.

   It is superb from the perspective of fungal and algae reaction.

   The self cleaning feature and durable lifespan increase its popularity.

   On special manufacturing process vivid hues can be added instead of standard white color.

   Due to chemical resistant, it is used as top coating.

   The malleable nature helps to make desire shape and size.

So to conclude, it is our pride that we on behalf of AwningSheds use PVDF coating for manufacturing awnings. We can satisfy our promising customers by applying such awesome electrostatic component on our artisans.

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