Canopy for Business Segment

Canopy is a secret advertising tool for business promotion:

As a company or business owner, you do not always sit at your office. You have to go out here and there for another purpose. Canopy has the substantial role of business promotion. AwningSheds offers various types of canopies for outdoor events to promote your brand. We on behalf of such authentic canopies manufacturer in Kolkata are hired and delivered qualitative canopy for our valuable clients and customers.


Canopy as an active role player:

Commercial events organized at outdoor might be obstructed by climatic hazards. In the modern age, every business activity requires the existence of canopy for its precious effects. As we can see, from the cricket match to open air temporary restaurants, from shopping stalls to health camp, the uses of canopy are everywhere. It provides perfect sheltering to prevent extreme heat of the sun at mid day, sudden rain attack and other unpleasant events.

AwningSheds is hired by the renowned companies of the famous brand to build temporary booth for keeping their merchandise and promotional items. This tent like structure manufactured by us is a superb tool for creating instant identification and promoting own brand to the crowd. We diplomatically emboss your company logo and name, varieties printing on sitting arrangements to attract the public attention for commercial benefits. So the contribution of it in a commercial perspective is just endless and unimaginable.


Wide variety of business canopy:

Now it is the time to think about the type of canopy for actual use. We have pools of experienced specialists to analyze your business needs. They will suggest installing free-standing canopies or curtaining type canopy for fair like outdoor events. The representatives of AwningSheds ask you different types of queries for delivering satisfying products. As our products are made on the basis of these doubt clearances, you will never face any problem after installing it. They will ask about your business, number of staff associated with promotional activity, about equipments attached with the events, space requirements etc for determining the exact size of the canopy they have to manufacture.

For business purpose, free-standing canopy is more popular, and we get an order of it randomly. This four walls structure provides the wide space for displaying promotional information. But though this type is common it gets less attention of wayfarers. If you prefer something different try the hexagonal tent for your business promotional activity. This exceptional shape can easily draw the public attention in the mass. This is just for its unique outlook, and it helps hexagonal canopy to reach a smart height. Not only that the six walls facilitate to extend more space to cater business promotion.


Easy maintenance:

All the commercial canopies manufactured by AwningSheds are impressive and inviting. But to keep it intact maintenance plays a crucial role for it. Firstly we use such quality fabrics that cannot support any stains on it. It is recommended to sweep daily dust particles for keeping it undamaged. Though cleaning solution varies from fabrics to fabrics, but mild dishwashing liquid is enough for cleaning it properly. But if any significant requirements are needed then our specialists suggest you in the right direction. .

So come and meet our canopy expert. Our experienced and expert supervisors will guide you for enhancing your business. You cannot get back if see our affordable stocks once.

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