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AwningShades is a brand of CND Engineering Pvt. Ltd and it they are the awnings and canopies manufacturer in Kolkata. The management of the company has done a thorough market survey before launching this brand. There are tremendous opportunities in respect of business growth in this segment because very few professionally managed organizations are seriously thinking to provide innovative and useful solutions. There are business entities who are providing solutions for the high end customers, not cost effective for small and mid size enterprises and domestic sectors. So there is a demand and supply gap in this segment. The management of CND Engineering has come out to full fill this gap to establish a complete business model that will cover all the customer classes from low to high end segment.


The company has been putting efforts to develop a very especially division to manufacture readily usable solutions for window and basket awnings. They are maintaining inventory to make fast delivery of cut to size awnings. In the summer season when it’s demand goes high it is easier for the company to deliver the product in time. The company is maintaining products of different price ranges. The price greatly depends upon the quality of the fabric. But they maintain the complete transparency for individual product. Each product carries the warranty certificate from the company.

The company is coming out with the polycarbonate awnings which are cost effective but long lasting product. The polycarbonate awning is easy to install, easy to maintain and the new look product. The company is also maintaining a steady stock for this product line also.


The designer shades have become the life style products for the elite classes of the societies. The designer shades mean canopies. Canopies are the architectural wonder. It does not have any specific shapes or sizes. It is completely customized product. It can be an Entrance Canopy or Walkway Canopy or Roof Top Canopy or Car Parking Canopy or Swimming Pool Canopy Shade. It is a complete utility solution.

The company is maintaining the basic stock of materials for canopy fabrication. Usually for light passing, transparent or translucent canopies fabrics and polycarbonates are used. Colour coated GI sheets are used for non transparency cases. MS tubes or ISMB or ISMC sections are used to prepare the structure. The company maintains two different skill sets people to develop the project. One set of people are mainly responsible for fabricating and erecting the MS structure. A separate team maintains the sheet fixing operation.

Another important operation for canopies is painting. Painting plays a major role in this project because the paint determines the aesthetic beauty of the structure. The company maintains an exclusive painting division to do the job accurately. They use anticorrosive epoxy like paint that increases the life span of the MS structure.

The company also maintains an associated panel of architects who share their knowledge with the company and help them to sort out the structural problems. The architects also help them to identify the new types of products that increase the organization to go far away from their competitor.


So it can be concluded that AwningShades, the manufacturer of awnings and canopies In Kolkata, is really working hard to provide a good looking, useful and long lasting product and solution within specified time.

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