Shades Maintenance

Effortless maintenance for keeping it intact:

The part of attraction on awnings and canopies has hidden in its easy maintenance facility. The homeowners install it on their lawn, porch, backyard, roof etc to make the space functional and increasing the beauty of the residential or commercial building. Though it is used for decoration every homeowner should maintain this perfectly. Long lasting and good looking construction rendered by AwningSheds facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance to all. If not cleaning regularly gradually it lost its cosmetic beauty and other utilities.


Easy cleaning procedure suggested by AwningSheds:

These following cleaning and maintenance procedures will help you all for getting durable and charming outdoor essentials for long years. AwningSheds is not only a manufacturer but it is an institution to convert your dream into reality. As a leading awnings manufacturer in Kolkata we must say that we manufacture different kinds of awnings, canopies, tents, giant umbrellas etc on different materials. Every component offers separate ways to clean the outdoor essential. Basically these exterior items can be segmented into three parts includes Fabrics made, Metallic and Fiber based.


Easy cleaning procedure for Fabric made awnings and canopies:

As fabric made awnings and canopies are affordable and easy to available in numerous styles, shapes and colors than metallic and fibers, but it needs to take care. It needs regular supervision to keep flawless. Fabric gets dirty and discolored faster than other. Few drops of mild soap and hot water can give the best cleaning. Apply the soapy water onto the fabric and scrub gently with scrubbing brush. AwningSheds recommends not using chemical bleaching for better result. It can create reverse impact on your fabric made awnings and canopies.


Easy cleaning procedure for Metallic awnings and canopies:

Aluminum and steel plays the significant role by offering strong and sturdy awning structure. We also get many orders for making it by using metals. It is true that metal structure offers more protection and others. It is equally important to keep this construction powerful forever. Being an authentic manufacturer and supplier of this structure it is our duty to remember you that metallic products can be affected by rust easily. Instead it provides low maintenance against strong protections and longevity. The metal truly requires lubrication in all hinges and screws on a certain gaps. For more protection, it will remain intact if you apply weather shield paints on the aluminum product in every year. Except these, use your broom to remove dirt and dry leaves regularly for getting awesome and royal appearance.


Easy cleaning procedure for Fiber based awnings and canopies:

Fiber is such a product that does not react with water. So it facilitates to apply sufficient water for removing regular bird droppings, dirt and foliages. Fiber is again such a material that gives both, protection and decoration. Distinctive colored fibers are used by AwningSheds to make entire structure marvelous. In a certain gaps, soapy water and wet cloth is sufficient to erase all stains. The scintillating sparks of colors will glow if the structure is free from dust and dirt.

The above mentioned procedures will surely help you for cleaning and maintain your outdoor products amazingly. We on the part of AwningSheds facilitate maintenance and cleaning service in very cost effective rate. So if you are not able to do hire us to handover the responsibility of cleaning your awnings and canopies.

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